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Super Bowl vs Baseball Madness

Los Angeles-And so the NFL has wrapped up another exciting season and spectacular playoffs again. This Super Bowl between the LA Rams and Cincinnati Bengals, won by the Rams 23-20, was another one to feel good about for the 70,240 fans in attendance and the 100 million watching on TV. Sure there were enough commercials to fill a Houston Astro’s garbage pail. Plus a big halftime show. But the 3 hour and 30 minutes, from start to finish was only 18 minutes longer than an average game in the regular season.

It had everything. A beautiful new state of the art SoFi Stadium with all the bells and whistles and being in L.A. it had many celebrities in attendance. Lots of drama, lead changes and a contest that went down to the last seconds of the game.

Being in Los Angeles made this game very interesting to me over the past two weeks. Great weather and all the oranges I want from the tree in my son’s backyard. This game was what fans love to see and listen to.

More interesting than trying to make sense of the negotiations between the billionaires and the millionaires over the “Collective Bargaining Agreement” in baseball. I have my lawyer back in NY on a retainer so he can decipher some of the language of this thing for me. It’s like trying to understand the agreement policies when you want to down load a new app. What a mess.

We should be excited about spring training and the completion of the signing of free agents at this time. Yet the Mets are not finished and the Yankees haven’t even started in earnest with all of that. Obviously we are looking at the real possibility of no spring training, a delayed start and another shortened season. So what have the geniuses at the negotiating table been able to get done? Putting the DH in both leagues. Something we all knew was going to happen this year. Oh wow, release the fireworks and light up those sparklers!

There have been so many stupid suggestions about rule changes and other amateur travel league tournament type ides from: “I never played this game and don’t know the difference between a baseball and a watermelon” commissioner Rob Manfred. This guy has made my Dr. put me on blood pressure medication from reading all of these nuts-o proposals. He works for the owners and his job is to keep them rich. We know that. So I can’t blame him entirely. The biggest culprits in this debacle are the owners and players.

The owners control everything and you may not like this but they have a right to do that. After all, they have invested millions and millions and in some cases like new Mets owner Steve Cohen, billions in this business. We all get caught up in the what about the fans who pay their hard earned money to go to a ballgame. But just remember this, no one is forcing anyone to attend a game.

And as for the players, when you have Tony Clark (Executive Director) Daniel Murphy, Andrew Miller, Elvis Andrus and Max Scherzer, all Association Representatives at the table, you are looking at hard-nosed guys who will fight tooth and nail to get what they want.

The part that is hard to deal with is that baseball has connections in our lives that go back to when we were first taught to throw a ball by our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, friends and family. Memories of being taken to our first game and many more by them make us feel good and it hurts to not feel good. We get angry and some of us will lose interest in the game. Swearing we will never go to another game when they come back. But we never do that. We can’t.

Baseball is in our blood and it holds us captive every year. Through the gray winters, to the excitement of spring. Then summer games and the fall with the playoffs and World Series. It will be back and all of this frustration will pass. That’s a fact. It’s not the first time we have gone through this and it won’t be the last.

Hopefully they will get this agreement done soon so we can find something else less frustrating to complain about.

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