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Texas Up 2-1 In World Series, Looks To Be In Control

Rangers shortstop Corey Seager leading the way for Texas in Game 3 of the World Series - Image Credit: MLB

LOS ANGELES, CA — So, what’s different about this World Series today? A 79-degree day in Phoenix means an open dome at Chase Field for game three of the World Series, and adding to the polar opposites of Texas power and Arizona small ball, we now see 39-year-old veteran Max Scherzer for the Rangers and 25-year-old rookie Brandon Pfaadt for the Diamondbacks as starters.

Pfaadt got a rude awakening in the third inning when Texas scored three runs on a double by Nathaniel Lowe, a single by Marcus Semien, and a two-run HR by Corey Seager.

Pfaadt looked like a rookie in that inning. And Scherzer looked like a seasoned 3,000 strikeout, three-time CY Young 39-year-old when he exited the game with a sore back after three innings of two-hit no-run baseball. You have to be impressed with Pfaadt, though. He just had that one unfortunate inning.

But the story tonight was pitching, pitching, and more pitching as both bullpens shut the door on scoring for the night. The Rangers scored all their runs in that one inning with two outs on three hits, and the Diamondbacks scored their lone run in the eighth inning on two hits. Texas totaled five hits, while Arizona had six hits. Maybe it had something to do with the roof being open or the fact that the baseballs are kept in a humidor so they don’t travel too far in that 1080 feet above sea-level city.

Someone who has now become the leader in who will be the MVP of this series is Corey Seager. He continues to dazzle in the infield and has now hit two game-changing home runs.

A two-run homer from Seager in game one put the game into extra innings, giving Adolis García, Ciego de Avila, Cuba the chance to hit his walk-off home run in the 11th inning and tonight, a two-run home run to give the Rangers a 3-0 lead. García left the game with side tightness after he flew out to center in the 8th inning. He immediately grabbed his left side in pain as he completed what looked like a normal swing.

One thing that does stand out to me is the speed of the D-Backs outfielders. They can track down balls better than almost every team in baseball. The problem is that they all have the arms of high school 18-year-olds. That could be their Achilles heel in this series. Texas, up 2-1 now, is looking very confident and in control.

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  2. Julio Pabon

    October 31, 2023 at 10:02 am

    Proof that pitching is the core of any good baseball team

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