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The 2023 Baseball Season, Excitement Is In The Air!

Sarasota, FL Home of Orioles Spring Training complex - Photo Credit: William Coppola/Latino Sports

Los Angeles, California– As we approach the 2023 baseball season, the anticipation and expectations for our teams can at times become more exciting than Christmas mornings as a kid.

Will all of the trades and free agent signings by organizations be the reason they flip the script on what was a losing 2022 season or will all of the money spent plus prospects and veterans traded be a bust?

Carlos Correa, winner or loser? Image Credit: MLB/Minnesota Twins

Can the key players in all of these maneuvers stay healthy? Will they live up to all the hype and be productive over the course of a long season? Will the chemistry in the clubhouse be better or will these newcomers be disruptive? Let’s face it, every one of the 30 teams in MLB feel they have improved. If that is in fact true, then everything should be the same as last year, right?

One of the things that is always fun, is watching some kid who bursts onto the scene and excites us. They are out there. Some we have an inkling of and for others, it will be a big surprise. It is one of the unpredictable pieces of the puzzle that teams go through when trying to assemble a championship club. Something that no one can predict. It is the one thing that money can not buy in the off season.

Jeremy Peña of the Houston Astros. Who is the next surprise? (Photo by Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

We will hear names and listen to predictions from teams, scouts and the media but trust me, there will be a few of these young players who no one will see coming. Players who will excite us all.

Spring training officially begins in 21 days on February 14th, Valentines Day. And just like that box of chocolates you will open that day, you don’t know what you’re gonna get. Some of those individual treats in that box will be awful and others will be the sweet tastes of something good.

Let’s hope your team has packed your seasons box with good picks.

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