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The Baseball Team with The Most Latinos

Bill Menzel/ Latino Sports

Dugout full of Latino players. (Bill Menzel/Latino Sports)

Bronx, NY: The Chicago White Sox were in the Bronx for a three game series at Yankee stadium this week. The Yankees lost the series winning just one game of the three game series. The Yankees have not lost a series to the White Sox since 1982. One thing about this 2019 White Sox team is that they definite have “pop” in their bats and their pitching looked solid. However, when I looked closer at the team I noticed something else. I noticed many more Latinos than I am use to seeing in regular major league team.

When I walked into their locker room I was surprise to confirm what my eyes were seeing on the field, the White Sox do have many Latinos on their roster. In fact, they have more Latinos in their lineup than any other team in MLB. Of the 25-man roster, the White Sox have 15 Latino’s. Now that is definitely a record.

What was more interesting was that none of the of the other Latino journalist knew that fact. It also appeared that few of the actual White Sox players knew that as well. Apparently, players are about one thing and one thing only, playing the game.

I was able to interview a few of the players and ask them about this finding and here are some of their remarks.

I spoke to Left Fielder, Leury Garcia from the Dominican Republic who said he was happy to know that there were 15 Latino players cause everyone knows that Latinos always like to get along with everyone. He stated how they were very happy with the environment in the clubhouse.

When I asked Venezuelan pitcher, José Ruiz how he felt playing with so many Latinos in the team? He said, “Real good thanks to God It feels great. We are one big family, Latino and American (Anglo); we try to share and are united on everything. I first noticed that there were many of us in Spring training where I knew some players and other’s I did not, but we all tried to help each other.

I also spoke to pitcher, Ervin Santana also from the Dominican Republic. He stated how he felt a different environment, a lively one. He said it was a fun atmosphere stating, “You know that we Latinos are very proud.”

One thing is clear, The Chicago White Sox, or Las Medias Blanca de Chicago will be a team that this Latino will be following a bit more.

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