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The Beauty and Meaning behind Christopher Morel’s customized glove

An up close view of the outside of Christopher Morel's customized glove: “I always like to keep my home country with me." - Image Credit: Latino Sports

FLUSHING, NY — Christopher Morel, of the Chicago Cubs, a striving 24-year-old, currently in his third MLB season, sets a statement on-the-diamond with his dynamic play, and off it with fashion taste that relates to his game. 

To begin his day of work at the ballpark, the Santiago, Dominican Republic native uses a customized Marucci glove that symbolizes all the significant meanings behind his life, and baseball upbringing — including a Dominican Republic flag stitched on the outside, a smiley-face Emoji stitched at the base of the thumb, and a smooth leather that gleams with beautiful colors shaped in triangles, crowns, stars, and several other appealing outlines. Additionally, the inside of Morel’s rare Marucci glove glows in bright pink, while the strings shine in light blue. 

“I tried to make the glove try to look happy, and funny with colors — not to be too simple, something different,” Morel said as I asked him alongside Spanish-team interpreter Fredy Quevedo Jr., following Tuesday night’s 4-2 loss to the New York Mets at Citi Field. 

On the D.R. flag stitched on the outside of the mitt: “I always like to keep my home country with me in terms of motivation, peace and love. Just a reminder that the love and peace that you give, you receive as well — that’s the messaging behind that.” 

The smiley-face Emoji stitched at the base of the thumb of Christopher Morel’s customized glove – Image Credit: Latino Sports

“This is for me to remember that whatever happens in the game — just try to have fun, enjoy the moment, and keep fighting for everything you want,” Morel stated about the smiley-face Emoji stitched on the base of the thumb. 

With us on the subject of Morel setting statements, the energetic ballplayer made yet another this past offseason by playing for the Águilas Cibaeñas — the second-most winning franchise in the professional Baseball League of the Dominican Republic (LIDOM), during the winter in the D.R. and the Titanes del Caribe (Titans of the Caribbean) — a three-game series, played on the weekend of November 10th-12th, 2023, between the Águilas & Tigres del Licey, at Citi Field. 

Christopher Morel returns back to the Águilas dugout in celebration after scoring in Titanes del Caribe at Citi Field – Image Credit: Henry Ordosgoitia (Henry O.)/Latino Sports

The attendance for the three-games combined to an estimated total of 90,000 fans, with temperatures that ranged from 35-55 degrees. Not to mention, the gusty winds right off the water in Flushing, Queens! 

However, fans showed up and showed out to represent their homeland of the D.R., as well as to witness the biggest baseball rivalry in the D.R. — a true indicator to those in charge (the higher-ups as some say) should have this one-of-a-kind baseball experience occur each and every year. An annual event for all baseball lovers in the Metropolitan area — even though the World Series is long gone by then… 

Dominican fans of the Águilas and Tigres del Licey, came out strong for this three games series of their two top Dominican teams – Image Credit: Henry Ordosgoitia (Henry O.)/Latino Sports

“It was really fun,” Morel said about the Titanes del Caribe experience. “I understand that some people want to go to the Dominican Republic to see Águilas play, and they don’t have a chance to go there. The league brought the games here and I saw that they (fans) enjoyed the game. Like they love to see the Águilas play, and I saw that a lot of the people were really happy.” 

“Hopefully, if they do it this year — for sure I can be here to support the league and to support my teammates too.”

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