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The Commissioners Virus Has Hurt Baseball

We welcome Juan Vene to the family of Latino sports contributors. Mr. Vene has over 60 years as a baseball journalist, author and critic. The views expressed are not necessarily the views of Latino Sports.

“Love in a movie! ’Is the one that lasts only two hours”… La Pimpi.


Coral Gables, Florida (VIP-WIRE) – New Multimillionaire.- Rolando Acuña’s new contract with the Braves is for $108

A positive Yankee acquisition that has been hampered by injury upon injury. Photo Bill Menzel,

million dollars, for 10 years, 2020-2029 and includes two options. They are small, but he will enjoy the guaranteed security. In 2019 the Braves paid him, $560 thousand dollars, rookie salary … ** Giancarlo Stanton (Yankees) converted, from a hopeful promise to an injured player. I thought he would be such a great big leaguer, as a friend and defender of the game. But for his injuries, last year, he appeared only in 18 games, 59 at bats. It is now unknown when he will be able to return, due to his ailments in his right calf. And since arriving at Yankee Stadium, he has been out of the lineup for six injuries … But he dared to say that if he was notified of the pitches, he would take 80 homers a season. But in his 10 years of big league experience he has only hit .308, 30.8%. The other 49.2% were a result of him not getting signals. The injuries are not an excuse, but part of the game … ** In addition to showing off what he could not do, nor that they can pitch the ball where and how he wanted it? Giancarlo’s contract is for $259 million dollars until 2028, with two options. And up to 2019 he has received $88 million 933 thousand dollars. A good prospect before, but now? … Sorry! … ** Speaking of salaries, no native of Latin America are among the top five paid in 2020 …: 1.- Gerrit Cole, Yankees, $36 million; 2.- Mike Trout, Angels, $35 million 500 thousand; 3.- Stephen Strasburg, Nationals, $35 million; 4.- Anthony Rendón, Angels, $35 million; 5.- Zack Greinke, Astros, $34 million 400 thousand dollars …

** Baseball is in grave danger, and not because of the coronavirus, but because of another more harmful virus, which began with Peter Ueberroth and has continued with Bart Giamatti, Fay Vicent, Bud Selig and Rob Manfred. Alex Rodríguez has just drawn Manfred’s attention, in the sense that. Manfred does not continue to damage our beloved sport spectacle with his abhorrent Rule changes. Meanwhile, football and soccer reach more and more ticket sales, radio and television rights and annexes … ** Christian Yelich signed an extension with the Brewers, three years for $41 million 500 thousand dollars … ** The experts of Las Vegas give José Altuve the batting championship in the American League for 2020. And they place him in the top three in home runs and RBI’s … ** The Yankees will increase coverage of their games and other activities by 100%, by partnering with Ámazon and Sinclair and they sold part of the YES network …

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