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The End Of Good Baseball In The Majors – Final del beisbol bueno en las Grandes Ligas

“ASTRONOMY. Houston club player with urinary difficulties” … Pacomio.-


Coral Gables, Florida (VIP-WIRE) – ** The Red Sox hope, wish, that in 2021 they will be able to play with some spectators at Fenway Park. The organization’s president, Sam Kennedy, cited that the experience of the baseball postseason and the 2020 football season was acceptable… ** Rays manager Kevin Cash insists his decision in the sixth game of the World Series, “it was good” and that he would take it again. The Tampa club led 1-0 in the sixth inning with two outs and the starting pitcher, left-hander Blake Stell, had a brilliant two-hitter. But Cash used the bullpen and the Dodgers soon won the game, 3-1, and the Series 4-2. Why, “was it good”? …

** Fat-headed and spicy-ass parents who force their children to drop out of school to try to make them ballplayers even when the children are not of the appropriate age and conditions. Mexican third baseman Freddy Sandoval abandoned his bigleaguer career (2008 and 2009), at 29 years of age, to study psychology. Now he is considered one of the best in that specialty, so he works mentally preparing the Royals. Sandoval said for this column …: “Baseball is a tiny window, some last two years, others up to 15, 16, 20 or more, but they still end. When you compare the few years to play with those you have to live, it is easy to decide on the preparation for after baseball. And that was all I did, thinking about my two children that I had to raise and educate ”…


“Making children is very easy and fun … Raising them requires a lot of love and dedication” … Joseph McKadew.-


** The leader of the bigleaguers, Tony Clark, believes that the new negotiations will be in healthy peace. He believes that this period of the pandemic, harmful to all, will serve to achieve agreements without further discussion. Unfortunately in such arrangements they will approve the designated hitter for the National League, so good baseball in the majors will be over. I tell you!… ** Indians manager Terry Francona, 61, has coached that team since 2013, but last year he fell ill with blood circulation problems. He then appeared only in 12 games, while Sandy Alomar Jr. managed the team. Now Terry has announced that he wants to continue as a manager, because he is very recovered …


“There is a difference of just a word between children’s baseball and professional baseball. Children should play for FUN. The pros have to play to WIN… J.V.

ATTENTION.- In google, you can read the file of “Juan Vené en la Pelota”, in “sport unites us again”.

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Final del beisbol bueno en las Grandes Ligas

“ASTRONOMIA. Pelotero del club de Houston con dificultades urinarias”… Pacomio.-


Coral Gables, Florida (VIP-WIRE) – ** Los Medias Rojas esperan, desean, que en 2021 puedan jugar con algunos espectadores en Fenway Park. El presidente de la organización, Sam Kennedy, citó que la experiencia de la postemporada del beisbol y de la temporada del fútbol americano en 2020 fue aceptable… ** El mánager de los Rays, Kevin Cash, insiste en que su decisión en el sexto juego de la Serie Mundial, “fue buena” y que la tomaría otra vez. El club de Tampa ganaba 1-0, en el sexto inning, con dos outs y el pitcher abridor, el zurdo Blake Stell, en brillante actuación de dos hits. Pero Cash usó el bullpén y los Dodgers ganaron pronto el juego, 3-1, y la Serie 4-2. ¿Por qué “fue buena”?…

** Cátedra para los padres cabezahuecas y culopicosos que obligan a sus hijitos a abandonar la escuela para tratar de hacerlos peloteros a juro, aún cuando los niños no tengan la edad ni las condiciones apropiadas. El tercera base mexicano Freddy Sandoval, abandonó su carrera de bigleaguer (2008 y 2009), a los 29 años de edad, para estudiar sicología. Ahora se le considera uno de los mejores en esa especialidad, por lo que trabaja preparando mentalmente a los Royals. Dijo Sandoval para esta columna…: “El beisbol es una ventana pequeñita, algunos duran dos años, otros hasta 15, 16, 20 o más, pero igual se acaban. Cuando uno compara los pocos años a jugar con los que ha de vivir, es fácil decidirse por la preparación para después del beisbol. Y eso fue cuanto hice, pensando en mis dos hijos que debía críar y educar”…

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