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The Letter from the Hereafter.- Roberto Clemente for Ronald Acuña

Juan Vené is a contributor to Latino Sports who is considered an authority on Latino baseball. We are pleased to publish his pieces and add to the numerous publications in the Latino community that share his insight into the baseball world. His views are not necessarily the views of Latino Sports

“There is not enough mustard in the whole world to cover some baseball hot dogs” … Yogi Berra.-


If the coronavirus allows it, this column will be 60 years old in October, serving daily, from Monday to Sunday.

Coral Gables, Florida (VIP-WIRE) Ronald …: In case you do not know yet, and it is that you give the impression of not knowing anything, “hot dogging” in baseball means being despicable, not worthy of wearing a baseball uniform and even less in the majors.

For me you are not that or anything like that, fortunately I do not have to play next to you or in the opposite team. Thank God! In my time there were very few like you. And now there are not many who want to be so irresponsible with themselves and ridiculous towards others.

When you stop to bat in front of a pitcher, the one on the mound is a man, deserving of all your respect. You can hit the home run ball or be a strikeout, anyway you don’t have to do something that offends him, just like he doesn’t do it against you either.

What you do also offends you, you seem illiterate, and without home education. You did not study your faculties for baseball, you bring them from birth, but they do not authorize you to be rude and abusive.

Your ridiculousness displeases your teammates, your manager, your coaches, and the spectators.

You stated that you refuse to change and that you believe you are correct. Again rude, clumsy.

Respecting humanity you would thank God for the skills he gave you and his goodness in becoming a millionaire.

If you did not, you would not be worthy to even leave your house, let alone appear before an audience in a show.

Also don’t keep making signs of the Mara Salvatrucha when they take pictures of you. In this country that could be fatal for you. I know why I’m telling you.

Hope you change, even when you don’t want to. And this letter was not a scolding, nor an insult, but a counselor from whom, like you, also experienced the delights of the Major Leagues … Roberto.-

TIMES.- ** The longer without major league games, logically, the more training weeks will be needed… ** The convention 50 of our SABR, Society for American Baseball Research, has been postponed aboard the coronavirus, for the week 14-18 July 2021. It was announced and prepared for a year earlier, July this 2020. The same, it will be at the Hyatt Regency Inner Harbor, in Baltimore. It is the association of baseball historians … ** What a surprise pitchers will take to throw changes at Dodgers slugger Max Muncy. The young man spends his free time preparing to hit those pitches. And everything is going very well …

ATTENTION.- I invite you to read the archive of Juan Vené en la Pelota, in “sport unites us again”.


Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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