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The Mexican family of the Urías is partying

“If the catcher has to wear a mask or mask, does that mean that each of the other players use one less mask?” … THE PIMPI.-


Coral Gables, Florida (VIP-WIRE): Scott Boras has failed to place his Dominican representative, Marcell Ozuna, on any team, for now. After seven years with the Marlins and two with the Cardinals, the 29-year-old outfielder wants to remain in San Luis, where he was paid nine million dollars in 2018 and 12 million 250 thousand last year … ** The Mexican family Urías It’s partying, because Ramón, 25, after nine as a professional, four for in the minors, has been invited to spring training by the Cardinals. Ramón is Padres shortstop, Luis’s 22-year-older brother. This is a very strong baseball family from Magdalna de Kino !… * Today when I arrive at my well-lived 91-year-old life, I suffer again the misfortune of Puerto Rico, where I have so many friends. First the hurricane, now the earthquake. I have learned to cry and pray in Puerto Rican. But these people do not give up and have announced that the Caribbean Series will be held there, because the stadium and surroundings are in perfect condition. Good luck, Puerto Rico! …


“What is spoiling us is not the age, but old age” … YOGI BERRA.-


** From the last week of February, there will be the manager, Omar Vizquel, in uniform with the Tijuana Bulls, directing the training at the team’s home, the Gasmart stadium. But on March 1 they will move to Tempe, Arizona and until 31. There they will train and play 15 exhibition games with teams like the Dodgers, Reds, Brewers and Rangers. The rest will be the tough Mexican season… ** The knowledge grows like an avalanche, after WAR, Win Above Replacement, they created the OAA, Outs Above Average, how many outs a player makes compared to the average; and the IOAA, which expresses the effectiveness of the player defensive game, that is, the outs and assists he achieves, compared to his errors. Complicated, even for mathematicians … ** The accusations that Astros and Red Sox are sign stealers, have prompted an investigation by Major League Baseball of the other 28 teams. Houston and Boston were the winners of the two most recent World Series. Now the suspicion is that everyone has stolen signs from everyone else. Commissioner Rob (Plover Head) Manfred can possibly think of it, regulate sign theft and play ball! … I say, right?! …


“The baseball mask was invented to cover Yogi Berra’s face, and so it won’t scare the kids anymore”… Billy Martin.-

ATTENTION.- I invite you to read the recent archive of “Juan Vené en la Pelota” on the internet, entering by “sport unites us again”.

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