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The New Face Of Baseball – Fernando Tatis Jr.

Mural of Tatis Jr. in Ocean Beach community in San Diego (Photo San Diego News Group)

Cabo Rojo, PR: If you are a baseball fan and you also love to watch movies, here is one must watch film. MLB Networks Fernando Tatis Jr. Documentary is more than a baseball documentary it’s a fun watch film that captures the excitement of watching one of the youngest players in baseball quickly becoming the face of baseball.

While some survey’s have stated that baseball was becoming a boring sport for todays younger generation who are more interested in fast pace excitement, I would recommend that they watch this documentary on Fernando Tatis Jr.

So, get the popcorn, or the tortilla chips and watch this documentary. Let us know what you think? Is Fernando Tatis Jr. the new face of baseball?

New Face of Baseball Tatis Jr.


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