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This column Celebrates 60 years of providing daily service, from Monday to Sunday.

Latino Sports is proud to feature Juan Vene’s baseball articles that he has been writing for the last sixty years. We consider Mr. Vene as a true Latino pioneer in covering baseball for many publications across the country and Latin America. These articles are his opinion and not necessarily the view of Latino Sports.  

By Juan Vene:

Today is mail day, like all Wednesdays. Did you send the town or city from where you write? Thank you.

Virginia Revilladiego P. from Santiago de Chile, asks…: “Are all students from the United States going to lose their year? Since, according to what you have reported, they have closed from primary schools to universities ”.

Friend Ninia …: The educational system is working online. They teach classes, order assignments and grade them online. Of course, it is not the same as the class gathered in a classroom, but it is the second best.

Leonardo M. Quintero, from Los Mochis, asks …: “Are they finally training or not training big leaguers and the minor leagues?”.

Friend Leo …: The Spring training was suspended, and they advised everyone to go home. Derek Jeter, for example, just closed the Jupiter fields here in Florida. Likewise, the Rangers in Surprise, Arizona, and 26 other teams before, except Tigers and Yankees. The threat is that it won’t be playable year-round, but commissioner Rob Manfred insists they must be prepared to return to action at any time. They even study the possibility of playing without an audience. The problem is that, in any case, there would be crowds of more than 500 people per game, because of the uniformed personnel, stadium and radio and television personnel, and more journalists. The truth is that nobody knows what will happen with the pandemic, and baseball 2020 depends on it. This is a war, that is, coronavirus against humanity.

Guillermo Cairo, from Havana, asks …: “Has Yasiel Püig already signed, or is it true that he is going to retire?”

Friend Memo …: No one has signed him. No one has said he will retire. His criminal record, for robbery in Amsterdam and for driving drunk and walking in his underwear through the streets of Los Angeles, conspire against him. However, his agents do publish that teams like Yankees, Mets and Giants have an interest in hiring him.

Mario Bermúdez N. de Campeche, asks …: “How do you do when you are old, to write daily, if you no longer go to training, nor should you be out of the house?”

Friend May …: After so many years in these tasks, I have some resources, and I use them. Like a lot of friends, internet and phones. The truth, I always have plenty of material, and these days too. I take care of myself, as we should all take care of ourselves. A theatrical performance, of which I was a part this weekend, has been suspended until further notice.

ATTENTION.- You can read the file of “Juan Vené en la Pelota”, in “sport unites us again”.

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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