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Threat of Corona Virus.- They fear that Perhaps No Baseball In All 2020

Juan Vené is a contributor to Latino Sports who is considered an authority on Latino baseball. We are pleased to publish his pieces and add to the numerous publications  in the Latino community that share his insight into the baseball world.


Coral Gables, Florida (VIP-WIRE) .- From the offices of Commissioner Rob Manfred, on Park Avenue, New York, they just reported (Thursday 12, 2:15 pm)…: “About the Corona virus, we are working on all the possibilities, including the one to suspend the activities totally and indefinitely. This could hold back the opening of the season until July, when the All-Star Game is scheduled, or leave all of 2020 without the Major League baseball.”

Manfred has requested information from the national health authorities on the prospects for the pandemic, and has not received a definitive response. They have suggested to him that “we must be prepared to avoid all the crowds during this year or more, and indefinitely.”

Which confirms the danger of no 2020 activity in the majors.

If anything, Manfred and his people have done, and continue to do, a great job of preventing the evil from spreading further, threatening to cost them tens of millions of dollars, but they help save thousands of lives.

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