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Today Wear, Or Display #21

South Bronx, NY: Today, Weds. September 9th is Roberto Clemente Day and we want to let the world know that Clemente’s spirit of humanitarianism is alive and well. In fact, I would argue that the spirit of this great humanitarian is needed now more than ever.

If Clemente were alive today he would have supported all of the social issues, from Black Lives Matter, to the lack of respect of the Puerto Rican’s here and especially on his native island of Puerto Rico. Clemente treated everyone, no matter what color with respect. However, unlike other players during his time he was very vocal against injustices anywhere.

Perhaps that is why the Pittsburg Pirates and the Puerto Rican Baseball League are all going to be wearing #21 tomorrow. Latino Sports has always been a strong advocate for Clemente and we were the original initiators of the Retire 21 movement that eventually took off and became the catalyst promoting Clemente and the reasons to retire #21.

Today, we urge all Roberto Clemente fans and non-Clemente fans to join us in wearing anything with the #21. If you cannot wear something with the #21, display the number, on your window, your office, you’re building anything and anywhere with the #21.

In these days of a world wide Pandemic, a planet that is screaming for attention with out of control weather patterns, and with a subtle, but simmering civil war taking place in parts of this country we need to be reminded of what the word, “humanitarian” means. Clemente said it best when he said: “Anytime that you have the opportunity to make a difference in this world and you don’t, then you are wasting your time on this earth.”

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