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Tribeca Film Festival: Back to Basics

New York, NY – At some point in my career, my portfolio and access had become my voice. The more I wrote, the less I had to say. As a result, I felt disconnected. Who am I?

What’s my purpose? Outside of Death, how’s my journey to my endgame looking like? In searching for answers, I returned to the basics. For the sake of evolution, vulnerability, readiness, and human connectivity, I needed to relinquish it all.

For the past six months, I invested my times going on several road trips and visiting parks, museums, and local bookstores. In addition to meeting strangers,  I was able to unlearn, relearn, and learn new ideas and philosophies.

And then arrived the Tribeca Film Festival, the annual event where I had the privilege of meeting several talented and creative souls whose hearts are in the right place. After my interaction with them, I look forward to the day you’re telling me how their creativity changed the chemistry of your thoughts and emotions.

One of the best things about any film festival are the sports documentaries. Just because I haven’t visited a ballpark or arena in months doesn’t mean I’m done with sports. I’ve just taken a different path with the beautiful games we love. So many books, movies, events, etc… How can one ever be truly done with sports?

Some really exciting projects that highlighted some legendary athletes and humanized their triumph, struggles, and redemption featured Muhammad Ali, Felipe Lopez, Arthur Ashe and Stephon Marbury. In addition, there are documentaries that address the challenges being face in the Sports Community.

They include A Woman’s Work: The NFL Cheerleader Problem, Changing The Game, The Good, The Bad, and The Hungry, and At The Heart Of Gold. Even in a world of statistics and wins/losses, the behind the scenes are captivating.

When in doubt, always return to the basics. 



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