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Update On Awarding Our 30th Annual Winners. No Easy Task, But We Will Overcome This Pandemic.

Bronx, NY: As promised, we are doing our bit to maintain baseball alive during this Corona virus Pandemic. Since we announced the winners of the 30th annual awards (see article attached) we immediately reached out to both, James Fiorentino and John Pennisi who have been the exclusive artist of our awards. Both were once again proud to begin the work of contributing their talent to provide the awards for this year’s honorees.

Unfortunately, due to this pandemic and lock down we are challenged with a way to get the awards to the players. We do not want to wait another season to give these awards since we know that they probably would be best appreciated being received this year especially since there is no baseball and it would bring much more satisfaction to the players knowing that they were thought of and appreciated. It would also help the teams and fans as well know that baseball is in our minds. As such, we reached out to our major supporter: Major League Baseball and they provided us with the contact persons of every team that has a winning player. This facilitated communication with the teams on how to get the awards to their players once the awards are ready. We immediately contacted each team, congratulated them on having a winning player, gave them the details and we will contact them again when the awards are ready to be sent.

Sending the awards will be another challenge as we have to get them all framed, picked up and something we never did before, get them all professionally packaged to be shipped to each player, or players team who will forward to the players.

We will ask each player to take a picture of themselves with the award and if they can to video a message for us to share with the fans.

We will keep you, our loyal followers up to date on this year’s difficult, but important 30th annual awards presentations.


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