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View of Baseball Series From One of our Readers

One of our readers, Eduardo Rosario, a known labor leader is also an avid baseball fan. He wrote me the following on his view on the series. He could not join my Wednesday 10pm Clubhouse meeting (we meet every Mondays and Wednesday)  where we discuss sports. I found his comments interesting and thought I would share with our readers.

        View of Series Game Yesterday by Eduardo Rosario

I will say is the Atlanta Braves got to keep adding runs. They’re hitting the long ball. It’s 3-0 on three solo homers. The Braves got to put up some serious runs to put the Dodgers the rest. If the Braves win today (yesterday, which they did win).

As far as pitching goes for the Dodgers if I figured it out right, I believe the Dodgers are at their most vulnerable and the Braves can clinch the National League championship series for the pennant. Dave Roberts must save Max Scherzer and Walker Buehler for games six and seven in Atlanta. Today is a must win for the Braves.

If the Braves win today, and everything goes the the Braves way tomorrow, there is a possibility of seeing Max Scherzer in the late innings. He can pitch game seven if needed on short rest because he’s a beast. But Walker Buehler has not been that marquee pitcher this post-season. Towards the end of the regular season, the San Francisco Giants began putting some serious dents in Buehler’s armor. He has not been the same picture ever since.

The Astros did their job with a combination of the long ball, peppering the ball, moving the line, and never let up scoring runs. The Astros knocked Chris Sale out of the game who only went 5.1 innings. He may have felt that it was time to come out of the bullpen and go back to starting games, but Chris Sale has not been the same pitcher especially the second half of the season. He just needs to continue healing during the off-season and strengthen his body once again from being out from Tommy John.

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