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View Of Wilder-Fury 2 From The Latino Fighter, Trainer, And More

Credit: PBC

New York: Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas the anticipated fight of the year centers on the heavyweight division. WBC champion Deontay Wilder defends the title a second time against Tyson Fury.

And this is a fight that has the boxing world buzzing after their first encounter in December 2018 that resulted in a draw. That fight was controversial. Fury managed to get back up after a Wilder right put him on the mat in the 12th round.

The overall consensus of current and former fighters, also from the boxing experts, is 50-50 as to who will prevail.

Wilder, undefeated (43-0,1) is known for his formidable punching power, having knocked out or knocked down every opponent he has faced. His knockout-to-win ratio stands at 98%, with 20 knockouts in the first round.

Fury, (30-0-1, 20 KO’s) is the boxer. So once again this will be an intriguing fight and one for the heavyweight division that brings back memories of Ali-Frazier and the heydey of heavyweight boxing.

Their last fight was highlighted again with the devastating right of Wilder. Fury has the height, but the power is not as good that Wilder brings. The event is promoted by BombZquad Promotions, TGB Promotions, Top Rank and Frank Warren’s Queensberry Promotions. A Premier Boxing Champions presentation.

The joint promotion is televised and purchased via Fox Sports and ESPN PPV distributors.

Prediction: Wildler with a late round knockout and the round to be determined. He will look for the timing to throw the right and probably not score those early points from the judges. As they say, don’t blink because the Deontay Wilde right can come at anytime.

Here are a few predictions from the experts including, Luis Ortiz, who has been in the ring with Wilder, and failed to dethron Wilder because of that right.

Luis Ortiz, heavyweight contender
Wilder W 12: “Deontay Wilder will win a decision over Tyson Fury, who will be coming in respecting Wilder’s power and being wary of taking a shot based on all of the evidence of Wilder’s previous fights with me, and from their first fight. Looking at what Wilder was able to do with me during the championship rounds of our first fight and also much sooner than that in our second fight, he’s going to be worrying about taking a similar shot, otherwise, there’s a locomotive coming.

Manny Pacquiao, WBA Welterweight World Champion
Wilder KO 10: “Never bet against a puncher, particularly one like Deontay Wilder. I look at Wilder like I do at a Mike Tyson, another puncher. I see Wilder winning this rematch with Tyson Fury by 10th-round knockout.”

Thomas Hearns, Hall of Famer
Wilder W 12: “Deontay Wilder can box and win, but I think that his power will be the difference in defeating Tyson Fury. I believe that it will go to a decision again, but with Deontay Wilder winning it.”

Evander Holyfield, Hall of Famer
Wilder W 12: “I’m picking Deontay Wilder based on his confidence and the fact that he does all of the right things to remain in great shape, and that he’s committed to his craft.
“Wilder’s not just a big guy with a right hand, but he’s also become more calculated in his approach. That’s why I’m picking him to win this second fight against Tyson Fury.”

Robert Garcia, trainer of Mikey Garcia
Fury W 12: “I see Tyson Fury winning by a decision over Deontay Wilder. Unlike the first time, where he was knocked down twice, I believe that Fury will be fight more cautiously and that he’ll win a decision.”

Keith Thurman, former unified welterweight world champion
Wilder KO: “I’m going with Deontay Wilder, who is one of the most dangerous punchers in boxing history. There’s something about the first time that you step into the ring with an opponent, the entire, ‘I’ve never seen you; you’ve never seen me before.’

“But the fact is, Wilder now knows the movement, the speed and the tactics that Tyson Fury has, but, of course, Fury has the ability to dance, move around and change it up. But as long as Wilder can keep up with and move with him, I believe that he will do what he does best.

“I believe that Wilder can end the fight at any moment, aiming that right hand straight down the pipe, which he just about did in the last fight. It’s a tremendous event, I missed the first one, but I’ll be present at this next one and another great heavyweight rivalry. Team BombZquad.”

Mikey Garcia, former four-division world champion
Wilder KO 8: “I’ve got Deontay Wilder knocking out Tyson Fury in the eighth round. Wilder will be much more aggressive than he was in their first fight. Wilder will catch Fury with a big shot in the eighth round.”

Ruben Guerrero, trainer of Robert Guerrero
Fury W 12: “Tyson Fury is much more focused going into this fight. He’s not partying like he was, and he didn’t go into camp out of shape. He’s gotten God-centered in his life now, so I’m picking Fury to win by decision over Deontay Wider.”

David Benavidez, undefeated WBC Super Middleweight World Champion
Wilder KO 11: “I think Deontay Wilder knocks out Tyson Fury in the 11th round, but I think it’s gonna be a close fight until that happens. Still, I think Wilder wins the fight.

“I think Tyson Fury will have a lot of success early, but that ultimately Wilder will catch him with that big right hand and knock him out.”


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