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We Welcome Gio González Back To The Big Circus

Queens, NY: Yesterday we were at Citi-Field to interview Milwaukee Brewers pitcher, Jhoulys Chacín who had won the 2018 LatinoMVP National League Pitcher of the year award (separate story). While waiting in the clubhouse for Jhoulys we saw another player who has just joined the team that we were also looking forward to seeing, Gio González.

Gio walked into the visiting team clubhouse, almost incognito wearing a hoodie and was immediately followed and surrounded by many reporters from the Milwaukee other press who wanted to interview him on his first day back with the team. Gio was a free agent in the offseason and was picked up by the Yankees who gave him the opportunity to work out and focus on his pitching in the minors. Gio was very appreciative of Yankee General Manager, Brian Cashman who he mentioned several times in his interview for giving him the opportunity to work out with the Yankee minor leagues. While in the minors he worked to regain the form that had eluded him in the latter part of the 2018 season.

The Yankees released him, but he had both the Mets and the Brewers interested in him. Gonzalez ultimately signed with his former team, the Brewers — to whom he was traded by the Nationals on Aug. 31 last season. Main reason was the Brewers would give him a chance to be a starter, which was a clearer option with Milwaukee than with New York.

Gio receiving his 2017 LatinoMVP Award. (Photo Latino Sports)

Gio will start today for the Brewers and we in Latino Sports wish this former 2017 LatinoMVP NL Pitcher of the Year Award recipient the best.

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