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What An Important Yankee Victory Looks Like

Bronx, NY: It’s been a while since Yankee fans have had something big to really SCREAM about. That changed yesterday when the Yankees held off the soaring Houston Astros from eliminating them in their home turf. You have Yankee fans and then you have Bronx Yankee fans. They both root for their team, but Bronx Yankee fans have a higher, louder level of rooting as they are also rooting for their home, the BX, the Boogiedown, El Condado De La Salsa. The Bronx Yankee fans were screaming for pride as they were happy that the Astros were not going to clinch the American League Championship here in the Bronx. “Not in our Turf,” was the chant outside Yankee stadium.

Yankee fans attended game five with the fear that it could have been the last Yankee stadium game of the season. So when the Yankees broke the game open off Aaron Hicks three run homer to break the one – one tie and put the Yankees on the winning path with a score of 4-1, the fans went wild. However, that was not as wild as they were outside the streets of Yankee stadium. For those that missed it, here is a small glimpse. It was a beautiful site that us locals have not seen in years.


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