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When Corona Virus goes, it will be little by little.

“I don’t like ice creams, because they are never very cold” … Yogi Berra.-


Coral Gables, Florida (VIP-WIRE): If the Corona virus allows it, this column will celebrate 60 years of providing daily service, from Monday to Sunday, in October.

Those of the Hereafter fear that the Corona virus of the beyond will invade those borders so immaculate and calm. So today there is no Letter from the Hereafter.

Baseball on the “if” .- The plans are now loaded with “if”. That is, for example, “if” the season will open in June, or “if” the season will be canceled entirely. The uncontrolled optimism of the beginning has been curtailed by the Corona virus arriving this Monday at its most aggressive and deadly face. With some 190 countries already infected, baseball leaders seem to have learned that this is not going to go away all of a sudden. No! Corona virus will go away little by little, at less speed than it has arrived, and we have been contaminating ourselves for four months. In other words, if we started to improve today, we would be infected until 2021.

The Jeter Case.- We are preparing Derek Jeter to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, as if it could be on the date set, July 26. I do not think it will be Corona virus possible, but in any case, whenever, it will be with all the honors he deserves, who received 396 out of 397 votes.

A long career means little to Cooperstown.- By the way, in the history of the Hall of Fame, the Chapter of Jamie Moyer is an interesting one. Moyer pitched in the Major Leagues for 25 years, until 2012. He left with a record of 269-209, 4.25ERA. in his first year as a HOF candidate, 2018, he only obtained 10 votes, 2.4%. He was out. Long career does not guarantee anything in this case. That year, Hideki Matsui, with four votes, 0.9%; and Liván Hernández, one vote, 0.2%. And in the last election, this one from Jeter, Paúl Kornerko received 2.05% of the votes, Alfonso Soriano, 1.5%; and Eric Chavez, 0.5%. They were all voided as candidates.

CHALLENGES.- ** The Spanish flu of 1918, killed 50 million people. That year, the Major Leagues reduced their games to 128 per team, not because of the pandemic, but because of World War I the Red Sox won the World Series from the Cubs. Besides the USA, the flu attacked Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Venezuela, Russia, Iran, New Zealand, Algeria, Fiji Islands, and Gambia … ** The Japanese of 2020 baseball are not as cautious as the people of the Olympic Committee. Chief executive Atsuski Ihara stressed that the inauguration will be on April 24. And the Hankiú Tigers pitcher, Shintaro Fujinami, and two other players have been diagnosed with coronavirus …

ATTENTION.- I invite you to read the archive of Juan Vené en la Pelota, in “sport unites us again”.

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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