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Who made $75 million on the World Series bet?

Bronx, NY: There has always been betting on sports way before todays avalanche of the On Line betting phenomena. I remember as a kid betting baseball cards, nickle and dimes, bottle caps anything we had that had a little value on a game, a boxing match, handball games, or in my block teenagers betting on our stickball games. Betting has always been part of sports. That’s why, today when I see the non-stop TV commercials for getting people hooked on yet another vice, I can’t help to think how unfair it is that Pete Rose is still banned from MLB for illegal bets he made on his team to win.

Yet today anyone can make bets from their cell phones on every pitch, every play on just about anything.   I can get real deep on this issue, but that’s for another future article. I’m keeping this short and simple, I just had to write something and share the information on the largest sports winning bet made in the history of sports.

Who made $75 million on the Astros win?


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