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Why Baseball Players Earn So Many Dollars?

“Congratulations to everyone who celebrates their year this year” … The Comedy Club.-


Coral Gables, Florida (VIP WIRE): Today is mail day, like all Wednesday’s. Did you send your data?

Jesús Dugarte, from Porlamar, thinks …: “From my beautiful island of Margarita, I gave you my full support. How is it possible that having the tools for a game as difficult as our beloved baseball, some players exhibit such disrespectful behavior, as well as lack of humility. Baseball schools teach the technique of the game, but behavior, good manners, they leave home, school and wanting to be a good person and not a joker. Thank you for your great career, putting the name of Venezuela up high. ”

Chucho Friend …: I am moved by your comment. Thank you.

Tonino Pedruchi, from Petare, asks …: “Could you help so that Andrés Galarraga is finally inducted into the Cooperstown Hall of Fame? ”

Amigo Nino…: Galarraga was eliminated as a candidate in his first opportunity, 2010, because he received only 4.1% of the votes, when he needed 75% to be elevated and 5% to continue as a candidate. No one can do anything for him. His name is removed.

Jorge A. Taborda P. de Barquisimeto, asks…: “Why is an aluminum bat not used in Major League Baseball as in amateur baseball? And why do Major League Baseball players earn so many millions of dollars if they previously collected very little?”.


Friend Yoyo …: If very few allowed them, they would use metal bats in the majors. They are a danger to pitchers. As for dollars, since the nineteenth century, when John Montgómery (Monte) Ward, lawyer and union leader, who was bigleaguer between 1878 and 1894, the players have fought to eliminate the reserve clause, which made them the property of the team for life. All efforts were futile until in 1966 a steelworker leader named Marvin Miller emerged at the helm of the Major League Baseball Players Association. He finally managed to remove the reservation clause, creating arbitrations and free agents, at the same time that television began paying billions to stream the games, today more than $ 3 billion a season. Owners eager to win championships started raising the salaries. When he was hired by the Phillies in 1979 for $ 905,000 a year, Pete Rose said … “For this salary, in addition to playing, I can even sweep the entire stadium.” Today, Mike Trout (Angels), does not sweep anything, and receives 37 million 116 thousand 667 dollars per season. And they are expected to continue to raise those wages. “To whom God gives it, may Saint Peter bless him!”

ATTENTION.- You can read the file of “Juan Vené en la Pelota”, in “sport unites us again”.

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