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Will We Have Any Baseball This Season?

Bronx, NY: The few times that I actually left my home to go the supermarket near Yankee stadium I can’t help to look at how empty the streets are. Normally, I could not even take my car and always walk since I know I would not find any parking if there was a day game taking place. The strange empty streets surrounding the stadium during the baseball season is something that no Yankee fan living near the stadium thought they would ever see.

How long will we see Yankee stadium empty? Photo: (

So the question is, will we have baseball this season? Seriously, that is a good question with no easy answer. Some of the Asian countries, Japan, Korea and Taiwan have all been quite interested in starting their baseball season. Japan made a lot of movement to start soon, but reality hit and they have held back until the Covid-19 infection numbers calm down a bit more. Thus no formal date to look for baseball from Japan.

Korea looks a bit more promising as they have done a good job in controlling Covid-19. A possible opening date for baseball in Korea might be sometime sooner than later. Taiwan has already begun playing. At first with no fans in the stadiums, but now they are allowing up to 1,000 fans at ballparks in Taiwan, but they must sit separately from each other and are still barred from bringing in food, and concession stands are still closed.

So now when will we see some baseball in the U.S.?  The good news is that MLB is expected to submit a proposal to the Players Association next week. That is the first sign in the protocol for resuming baseball throughout the country. Once The Players Association reviews the MLB proposal they will discuss with their players and player representatives and we might get an idea of when, if and how baseball might resume. One thing is certain, whatever; they agree to, the fact is that the stadiums will be empty of fans as long as the U.S. is the epicenter of this Covid-19 pandemic.

We will keep our readers posted. In the meantime watching those old classic baseball games on line, or those you recorded will have to suffice. Also follow us as we continue to work to present our LatinoMVP awards for the 2019 winners.



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