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Woman Cyclist Forced to Stop Racing After Catching Up With Male Cyclists

Special Article On International Women’s Day

A bicycling race in Belgium was disrupted when the female leader of the race caught up with the male bicyclists found herself in danger of being struck by one of their bicycles. It sounds like sports betting online would be safer than this event. The female leader quickly regret her decision to follow the rest of the male cyclists.

It all started when the leader caught up with the male bicyclists. Their race started 10 minutes after the men’s race, but that didn’t stop these women from keeping up with them. Nicole Hanselmann is a Swiss cyclist from the Bigla Pro team who found herself in the middle of a crowd of male bicyclists. Her triumphant breakaway was quickly interrupted by a stop at the side of the road as the organizers halted the women’s race in order to keep the two groups separated.

Hanselmann got a two-minute lead into the 120-kilometer race. That’s when she was asked by the race’s officials to stop until the remainder of the male cyclists crossed the path. The racing event took to Twitter to explain that they needed to neutralize the path of the female cyclists due to the slow start of the men’s race. Hanselmann could continue after a five-minute disruption. She said that the disruption ruined her chances of possibly winning the race.

After she was allowed to ride, Hanselmann was given a headstart but then finished at 74th place. She told Cyclingnews that she was riding along and enjoying herself. When she saw the group of male cyclists, she got this motivation to catch up with them. She was just having a good time. She didn’t think catching up with the men would ruin her chances at winning the race.

However, the race was won by Chantal Blaak, a Dutch cyclist who rode for the group Boels-Dolmans. Hanselmann described the incident as an “awkward moment” for her and her team. After the race, she took to Instagram to express her disappointment. She joked that maybe some of the male cyclists were too slow and didn’t like that she caught up with them so quickly.

The cycling publication backed Hanselmann’s decision to join the male cyclists in the middle of the rest. They called it a “brave solo move” that the race organizers weren’t prepared for. Comments on her Instagram account were equally supportive. Some of Hanselmann’s fans called the race organizers “sexist.” The annual race marks the beginning of the Belgian cycling and is one of the prominent bicycling races in Eastern Europe.

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