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Yankees and the Community At it Again

South Bronx, NY: Baseball has not been the same due to this destructive Covid-19 Pandemic that has changed the world to ways that very few would ever been able to imagine. A shortened baseball season with no fans and only a limited number of reporters entering the stadium has affected many more people than just baseball fans.

For example a stadium and baseball games usually affects more than just the perimeter around the stadium. A game can easily affect a half-mile radius from the stadium. That means the residents, homeowners, small businesses in forms like jobs, traffic, parking, noise, etc.

Here in the South Bronx, the poorest urban congressional district in the country residents are affected a bit more than in other communities and perhaps that’s why the community is rallying tomorrow, Tuesday September 29th at the stadium under the chant: “Make The Yankees Pay.” They claim that the Yankees are still making millions during the pandemic and unfortunately the community is in dire need and perhaps they should share some of their resources with the community. There are many questions on both sides as I’m sure the Yankees will say that they are doing a lot, except that they don’t publicize what they do (if this is true that is one quack of a policy).

The Yankees and the South Bronx community have had a tenuous relationship for a very long time, we will see and hear the specifics of this latest issue tomorrow where one of the richest sports teams is located in one of the poorest communities in the country.

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