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Yankees Home Runs: Contagious And Expected

Bronx. NY – These are the New York Yankees and Saturday evening in the Bronx the Chicago Cubs will not dispute they are the Bronx Bombers.

Six home runs:
Aaron Judge (#23 / 1st / solo / 0 out / 1-0 / Swarmer / NYY 1 – CHC 0) None Giancarlo Stanton (#13 / 4th / solo / 1 out / 2-2 / Swarmer / NYY 2 – CHC 0) Gleyber Torres (#12 / 4th / solo / 1 out / 0-0 / Swarmer / NYY 3 – CHC 0) Jose Trevino (#5 / 5th / solo / 0 out / 1-1 / Swarmer / NYY 4 – CHC 0) Aaron Judge (#24 / 5th / solo / 1 out / 1-0 / Swarmer / NYY 5 – CHC 0) Anthony Rizzo (#15 / 5th / solo / 2 out / 3-2 / Swarmer / NYY 6 – CHC 0)

The Chicago Cubs Twitter Feed said Saturday night after the Yankees 8-0 win, “Yankees fans believe every hit is a home run.”

Well, almost every Yankees hit in the Bronx is a home run. Six runs came from the home run ball. It’s getting to the point to know this is Yankees baseball that has also led them to the best record in baseball, perhaps headed to a pace of 110 wins when all is said and done.

But the big wins have to come in October and this time that could very well become a reality. The Yankees win. The Yankees hit home runs. And they at times have become boring, yes, because the home run ball, with exception of a few low scoring games is expected.

“I’m a sucker for a good rally, doubles in the gaps, runners in scoring position,” said Aaron Judge who is on pace to hit as many as Roger Marris and Babe Ruth hit in a season with 60 or more. He has 23 and Sunday afternoon could have number 24 or 25.

Thing is, Judge is healthy. So is Stanton, Gleyber Torres, and the newcomer Jose Trevino. Judge and Stanton for the first time as teammates have been in the lineup together for an extended period of time.

That hasn’t happened much because both have sustained injuries the past few years. But this 2022 season, Judge is setting the table at leadoff. He got the Yankees off to an early lead with a leadoff home run that set the tone.

Judge said, “But six solo shots and one single? That’s pretty nice too.”

The single went for an RBI. The struggling Chicago Cubs have lost six of their last seven and quickly are becoming irreverent, obviously going into a rebuilding mode. They could be sellers again at the trade deadline in August.

The Yankees continue to compile wins and make a strong statement towards October playoff baseball.

“Unreal,” said Giancrlo Stanton. He was referring to Judge and his massive home run balls that go into the Bronx night and continue to set statcast records. “It’s fun to watch.We all have the best seat in the house to do it. We all kind of laugh as well.”

However this is not a laughing matter to the Cubs or other teams that visit the Bronx. It’s also not fun for teams that open their doors for the Yankees around the league. It’s difficult to pitch around Judge and Stanton.

“They are intimidating,” as one league executive commented.

You ask others around MLB. Can and will the Yankees be stopped? They say, as you hear, baseball is a game that works in strange ways. Unexpected injuries, hitting more than pitching is contagious. The Yankees home run ball is contagious, a Major League leading 94, including 21 in their last eight games.

So the home run ball is here to stay, not going nowhere. The 1932 Dodgers were the last team to have pitchers allow six home runs in a game. It’s not a Little League field in the Bronx as one manager said earlier.

It’s a Yankees lineup of hitters that hit the home run ball. It can happen anytime. It can happen in all the other ballparks.This is baseball and fans in the Bronx are cheering for every ball that is hit high and far.

Except, as was seen again, those high and far are leaving the ballpark.

Rich Mancuso is a senior writer with Latino Twitter@Ring786 Mancuso Watch “Sports with Rich” live on Tuesday Nights at 10pm EST on The SLG Network/Youtube with Robert Rizzo Available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify under The SLG Network.

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