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You Can Vote for the 2020 LatinoMVP Awards

This year the LatinoMVP Awards will be celebrating its 31st year awarding the top Latino players in MLB. It is unquestionably the oldest and most prestigious award given to Latino players. In all the years, from that first one given to Ruben Sierra in Yankee stadium in 1990 to the present we always felt pride in awarding players that were not expecting any award and were surprised and felt proud to be awarded and recognized by the Latino community. The smiles brought to those players, their families, their peers and fans were the rewards we felt in overcoming the many obstacles that we sometimes had to go through to give the awards.

All 2019 LatinoMVP winners. Drawings & design by John Pennisi. (Latino Sports)

However, nothing was more challenging than getting the awards out last to last year to the 2019 winners. The Covid Pandemic that forced a shortened season and changed all the baseball protocols were the most challenging we have ever faced. Our plans for the BIG 30th Anniversary Awards were shattered as Covid changed everything in baseball. Yet, thanks to MLB, our artist, James Fiorentino and John Pennisi and the support from the media departments of the winning players teams we were able to get the 2019 awards to all the majority of the winners. The pictures and comments sent back to us from the teams which we published on our site once again validated the work we do to get these awards out to the players.

We share this with you because once again we know we will be challenged. The pandemic is not over and very few know how baseball will be played this coming season. But we do know one thing, we will once again do whatever we need to do to recognize the 2020 shortened baseball season winners and we are inviting you, our readers to participate. 

We are sharing our 2020 ballot with you in the hopes that you would take the time to fill it out and return

Rendón, the 2019 N.L. LatinoMVP painting by ames Fiorentino.

LATINOMVP_2021 (2)to us as soon as you can. You can take a picture of your completed ballot and send to us at the following email: As soon as we get all the completed ballots, we will publish the results and begin working on the task of planning how to get the news and awards out to all the winners. We want to once again bring the pride and smiles to the players for what was one of the most daunting baseball seasons ever.

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