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Yu Darvish Reminds Us That Baseball is for kids

Baseball is alive and well in its most the traditional way thanks to players like San Diego Padres, Yu Darvish.

Yes, there is much criticism about many of the new changes in the game. Some argue that baseball is making changes to speed up the game. Others are critical saying changes in baseball have nothing to do with the fans, but merely to appease the major network sponsors. Changes like intentional walks pitchers no longer have to throw four pitches to home, an automatic runner on second in an extra inning game if the game is tied in the bottom of the ninth, and video challenges to name some those are some of the major changes in today’s baseball.


These changes and whatever other changes they plan to implement will continue to miss the point that baseball is about kids, not baby boomers. Yes, baby boomers buy the tickets and pay for the merchandising, but baseball is for and about kids. That is why we salute Yu Darvish of the San Diego Padres.


Yu did something for a young fan that reminds us baby boomers of the real tradition of what baseball is supposed to be. Reminds me of many of the things that Robert Clemente would do like go out of his way on a road trip to visit a sick child who sent him a letter for an autograph. Our guest columnist, Juan Vene wrote a piece on this site titled: “Letters from Beyond – Babe Ruth’s to Yu Darvish” where he describes when Babe Ruth got fined $500 for missing a game because he forget while attending a young fans birthday party.


In that spirit, we salute Yu Darvish for doing what he did for this young fan. If you want to know what he did read it here:

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