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Tomorrow: BIG Event For Edwin Díaz

Citi-Field, Queens: Today I spent some time with NY Mets closer, Edwin Díaz in the locker room minutes before the NY Mets grand ceremony honoring the 1969 Miracle Mets.

For Edwin, he felt it was like a miracle that we were having a conversation about the logistics of his big day tomorrow where he will be honored with the prestigious LatinoMVP award for his stellar performance as a closer in 2018 while playing with the Seattle Mariners.

We in Latino Sports recognize that we are living in a fast paced internet digital world where things are forgotten almost as instantly as they occur. That’s why we are proud to give recognition to our Latino players when they do well because people tend to forget. Diaz’ performance in 2018 needs to be recognized by his community, thus the LatinoMVP Award.

He was very appreciative that there is a award to specifically award Latino baseball players learning that it started in 1989 when many in the Latino community felt that Texas Rangers outfielder, Ruben Sierra should have been selected as that years American League Most valuable Player. Since then, Latino Sports started the LatinoMVP award, which has grown into the most prestigious and oldest award given to Latino baseball players and sponsored by MLB.

The award is always given the year after the season they won and in many cases it works for the best as some players, like Edwin can use the motivation to help him through this season.

The event will take place tomorrow at San Juan On 5th Ave restaurant in El Barrio, NY a fitting place for a very proud Puerto Rican from the island to feel at home.

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