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What Does a Lack of Latino Professional Athletes Have to do With Will Hernandez?

New York, NY: There are not enough Latino professional athletes due to their physical stature? While Latino children make a big portion of middle and high school students. A large majority of them participate in a wide variety of sports. There is no shortage of students who are stepping up to all of the sports that are made available to them.

So what happens after high school? Do they prefer to play on instead of joining a professional team? Most Latinos don’t have the physical size required to compete on some of the top professional sports teams in the country. That’s including basketball and football. That doesn’t mean Latinos aren’t allowed to play sports or can’t play them. It’s quite the opposite. I

Baseball has plenty of Latino professional athletes. In addition, Cubans, Dominicans, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, and Venezuelans are represented on major sports teams. American-born Hispanics have been featured on these teams as well. Some of the world’s best boxers and fighters are from Mexico. Mexican-Americans and Mexicans usually top out the spots in the lower-weight division.

The best Mexican boxer is Canelo Alvarez. That hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his dreams though. Latino children who have dreams of becoming basketball players or football players shouldn’t give up on their dreams. Their role model could be Canelo Alvarez or Blake Martinez, a linebacker for the Green Bay Packers.

Martinez is a Latino man who graduated from Canyon de Oro High School in Arizona. He went to Stanford University, where he played on the fourth round of the 2016 NFL draft. A year later, Martinez led his team in tackles and was considered one of the best tackles in professional football. He was lucky enough to play for an Ivy League school like Stanford.

Will Hernandez also became lucky as well. In 2018, he became the second round draft pick for the New York Giants. He played every game and was even announced to the PFW All-Rookie Team. So why are there so few Latino professional athletes? This answer could lie with Will Hernandez.

Scouts and recruiters tend to go to schools with prominent athletic programs and powerhouse athletes when look for professional candidates. They overlook a lot of schools that may have even better candidates. Hernandez’s athleticism got attention from some of these scouts even though he played football at the University of Texas El Paso.

Most Latino athletes are playing at schools that don’t attract the attention of scouts and recruiters. Big schools with better players than smaller schools with smaller athletic programs. It’s up for scouts and recruiters to change the way they look for professional candidates. The Latino athleticism has exploded in Philadelphia in recent years, and has continued to grow across the nation. 

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