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Luis Rojas Needs Another Year To Manage Mets

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New York:

“A Manager can only work with what he is given,” said a baseball insider when asked his opinion about the status of Mets’ manager Luis Rojas.

He also said, “A GM is the most important person to find. Sure the manager can screw up at times in game situations but the majority of wins and losses is on the players.”

The GM to also be determined as the Mets begin an offseason of transition with new ownership and a probable restructure of their roster.
Regardless it was the players that failed. They were on the field for a team that was expected to be playing more baseball this week.

The obvious occurs when a new GM comes to town. GM Brodie Van Wagenen, now with two losing seasons under his belt, chose Rojas as the successor to Carlos Beltran who had the shortest reign as a manager due to the Houston Astros sign stealing scandal that rocked baseball.

A losing season that did not go to expectations and there are always fingers pointed at who was responsible. Perhaps the GM? He failed to deliver on a mission that teams had to chase the Mets. Rojas could also be a victim because a new GM does tend to work with a manager of their choice.

And despite some flaws of a rookie manager, Rojas inherited a Mets team that was projected to be a part of the expanded playoff format that begins today. Overall, 60-games is difficult to judge with the normal 162 game schedule.

But those 60-games, that’s what matters. The last place finish for the Mets was a failure. They did not make it to the finish line though the pitching rotation took a hit without Marcus Stroman (opt out) and Noah Syndergaard out for the year due to Tommy John surgery. And there were others on the injured list: Seth Lugo, Robert Gsellman, Steven Matz.

So, again, also factor in the 60- game season and Luis Rojas deserves to return as manager working with a new regime and normal 162 game schedule.

The Mets Had their opportunity to be there in this expanded field of teams that begin their run to October. But don’t blame Luis Rojas for the last place finish. Don’t point a finger at the manager for not playing on again.

He is not the culprit for the Mets failing to make the playoffs a fourth straight year. Luis Rojas deserves another year after a rookie role that ran out of time.

“We didn’t get it done,” Rojas said. “We needed to do it, and we didn’t do it. It was definitely all on us.”

Pete Alonso, Latino Sports 2019 Rookie of The Year MVP, saw his bat and home run come too late. The lineup that was not consistent. The Mets could not sustain momentum and a winning streak that could have pulled them in front. It was a team that had flaws with a bullpen that failed.

A team that failed to get runners in from scoring position that led the league in hitting. That’s difficult to understand and leaves the baseball experts asking questions. Was it the manager? The GM and his personnel structured and assembled a roster that was supposed to win and take it to the finish line.

Here’s the answer. Luis Rojas was not on the field. He did not make the costly error. Rest assured, and with analytics in control, Rojas did not construct the daily lineup.

The bottom line, though, is execution, The players, as the insider said, win or lose the games. And it’s no different from last September or the one before. Mickey Callaway had the support of his players. They have the support for Luis Rojas.

“We failed to execute,” said one player.. Another said, “He knows us better than anyone,” citing Rojas and the long term ties with Mets home grown players as a system manager and quality control coach.

So, Luis Rojas awaits the transition of new ownership. If indeed, Sandy Alderson, runs the baseball operations and appoints a new GM, does he remain in that chair? Three managers over the last four years shows no stability with the Mets.

That same insider said, Alderson if indeed is in control should retain Rojas. “Rojas knows this young team better than anyone else in the organization. Sandy knows how this all works and will find a GM who is a baseball man who will retain him.”

But first Steve Cohen has to get the expected approval from 23 other owners. After that, the busy and most interesting Mets offseason will begin with all the decision making and restructuring a roster.

In the end, Luis Rojas deserves another opportunity with 162 games.

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