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The Indios defend their home against the Brujos and move up the rankings of group A

Mayagüez, PR: So once again I was driven to attend a second basketball game here in Mayagüez after learning that they were going to host the Guayama Brujos. The deal is this, though Mayagüez is the closest town to my second home, Cabo Rojo and my favorite “go to town” I was born in the town of Guayama. I also remember attending several exciting Brujo games when a friend, who owned the team back then.

Miguel, Julio, José “bebo”. I was outflanked. (Photo Latino Sports)

So here I was yesterday surrounded by two friends, José “Bebo” Avellanet my fixer and friend who lives in Mayagüez and Miguel Santiago who is in Puerto Rico for some business. Miguel is not from Mayagüez, but I guess he liked everything he has seen so far in this visit and also decides to root for Los Indios de Mayagüez. I’m sandwiched between them and decided to root for my ancestral birth place, Guayama Brujos.

The game started out fine, very competitive, but after  halftime, the Indios unleashed all the fury and skill that made them come back from a season losing the first seven games of the season to turning around and being in the race for a playoff spot.

Below is an article from on the details of the game. It was translated and edited for you, our loyal followers. Enjoy

Jared Ruiz, from Mayagüez, had a great night with a double-double of 16 points and 15 rebounds

The Indians achieved an important victory yesterday, Wednesday by beating the Brujos de Guayama by a score of 68-50 in the only game tonight in the National Superior Basketball (BSN) held at the Palace of Recreation and Sports, in Mayagüez.

With this victory, the Indios are left alone in fourth position in section A with a record of 14-13 and are ahead of the Atléticos de San Germán (13-13) and the Brujos (8-18).

Imported player, Kaleb Wesson was the Indians’ leading scorer with 17 points. He also had seven rebounds. Jared Ruiz followed, who had a double-double with 16 points and 15 rebounds.

For Guayama, Joshua Perkins shone with 17 points, four rebounds and six assists. Hiram Huertas added 11 points.

Tomorrow there are four games on the calendar when the Bayamón Cowboys receive the visit of the Carolina Giants, the Ponce Lions visit the Grays in Humacao, the Fajardo Cariduros visit the Atléticos in San Germán and the Arecibo Captains visit the Brujos in Guayama. They all start at 8:00 p.m.

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