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The MVP of the S.M. 1960 in the defeated team

“If a joke doesn’t make me smile, it’s because it’s not a joke”… Pacomio.


Coral Gables, Florida (VIP-WIRE) – Today and tomorrow, as usual, are Mail Days. Please, send your name and place from where you write.

Douglas Terán, from Caraballeda, asks: “Was Manuel Sarmiento part of the Reds in 1975 and 1976?”

Friend Doug: The cagüeño Manuel Sarmiento! he was a very effective reliever. He joined the Reds in 1976 and was with them until 1979. He then pitched for the Mariners and Pirates.

Wiston Ballester, from Quito, asks: “Why was Bobby Richardson, from the Yankees, declared ‘The Most Valuable’ of the 1960 World Series, if the Pirates won it?”

Friend Wis: Yes, it has been the only case. In all the other Series the Most Valuable has been from the non winning team. But it was that Bobby hit for .367, one home run, two doubles, two triples, 12 RBIs. The Yankees had more hits, 151 than the Pirates, 60, and also scored more runs, 55-27.

Rafael Hernández, from Naguanagua, asks: “Why do the Major League and Dominican stadiums have firm, very level ground in their areas without grass and, if there is a play, the dust does not rise, while in our parks That’s a disaster, a dirt company hardly blows a little wind?

Friend Rafa: The difference is knowing how to fix the field and with what. The appropriate land, well watered and well cared for, becomes firm clay, sand does not. These areas need to be worked on at the end of each game and before the next one starts, while keeping them covered to prevent rain damage.

Luis Díaz, from Caracas requests: “Information on the first black umpire in MLB.”

Amigo Lucho: Emmett Ashford, debut on April 11, 1966, RFK Stadium, Washington.

Marina Vera R. of Salt Lake City, asks: “You? answer all the questions he receives or how does he do?

Friend Rina: I want to answer everyone, but it’s impossible. I receive more than 300 questions every week and I only have room for about 10 answers. I must leave out those of little interest, those already answered and those of those who just want to show themselves off. I try to please the majority, providing the best service that I can.

Justiniano Rivalcaba, from Puerto La Cruz, asks: “Which team do you think Justin Verlánder will stay with?”

Amigo Yano: As I wrote this column yesterday, the Mets were announcing that they were interested in him, especially if they couldn’t re-sign Jacob deGrom. He will dawn and we will see!

Thanks to life that he has given me so much, even a reader like you.

ATTENTION.- You can read the file of “Juan Vené en la Pelota” on the internet, entering by “sport unites us again.


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