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Caribbean Baseball – Puerto Rico

The baseball season is over, but baseball has just begun in the Caribbean. The Caribbean baseball season started in early November. These are the countries that make up Caribbean baseball, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Mexico and Puerto Rico. We will highlight a bit of each countries leagues so that we can all have a better understanding of Caribbean baseball.

Puerto Rico’s 2022-2023 Winter Baseball League

For over 70 years, Puerto Rico has had its own baseball league. A number of the local athletes that have played there have gone onto bigger things, like the Major and Minor leagues in the States, and other divisions and leagues around the world.

The main professional baseball league in Puerto Rico is the Liga Beisbol Profesional Roberto Clemente (Roberto Clemente Professional Baseball League) — @LBPRC on Twitter and LBPRC on Facebook. Previously, the league was called Puerto Rico Baseball League. Before that, the league was called La Liga de Béisbol Profesional de Puerto Rico (Professional Baseball League of Puerto Rico). If you search the internet for info on this league, you’re likely to find it under any/all of those names.

The teams in the league this year are:

There will be 50 games played throughout the season. Last regualerly scheduled season game is Jan 4th. Then there will be Semi-finals games will be played a few days after that and then the Series Finals will between the 2 winning teams. Then the winning team will go on to Serie del Caribe (Caribbean Series), in February 2/2/23-2/10/23 in Gran Caracas, Venezuela.

The winning team of the Roberto Clemente Professional Baseball league go on to participate in the Caribbean World Series.


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