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History Made In Cooperstown

George Napolitano/ Latino Sports

Cooperstown, NY has a population of 1,852 individuals. Majority Anglo middle class and upper middle class families living in a quaint picture rest town approximately four hour drive from the New York City. Yesterday that tranquility was interrupted once again with the annual Baseball Hall Of Fame induction ceremony.

One of the largest gatherings in HOF history and the Latino community made that possible (Photo: Latino Sports)

It is estimated that over fifty-five thousand fans from across the nation and Canada were there yesterday for the induction ceremony. I personally have attended many induction ceremonies in Cooperstown and have to admit that yesterday’s crowds were the largest that I have ever seen. It was quite evident that the majority of the fans who attended were from New York for one great individual and the greatest closer in baseball, Mariano Rivera who was the first player to ever be inducted by a unanimous vote.

Mariano Rivera is presented with his plaque at the National Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Cooperstown (Photo: George Napolitano/ Latino Sports)

In addition, history was made yesterday when for the first time, two Latino individuals born outside of the continental United States were inducted on the same stage, Mariano from Panama and Edgar Martínez from Puerto Rico. Yesterday, Cooperstown was temporarily converted into one of the largest Spanish, bi-lingual towns in upstate New York with so many Puerto Ricans, Panamanians and other Latinos who came to honor their fellow countrymen and two Latino players respected by many fans. There were many that came from as far as Panama and Puerto Rico to attend this historic day. Spanish was heard throughout many of the small streets throughout Cooperstown as was also present in both, Mariano and Edgar’s presentation.

Edgar Martínez is all smiles as he spoke to thousands of fans after being enshrined into the National Baseball Hall of Fame (Photo: George Napolitano/ Latino Sports)

To top off the presence of the nations fastest growing community in remote areas like Cooperstown and other nearby towns in upstate New York, Panamanian COPA airlines sponsored a huge outdoor Latin Festival four miles south of Cooperstown in Brewery Ommegang, NY with some of the top Latin musicians that brought joy to many of the Latinos that attended this years historic induction ceremony capping off the day and evening dancing to Salsa and Urbana music and eating Latin food to their hearts content.

Stage at Latin Fest organization by COPA airlines. (Photo: Latino Sports)

Latino Sports was proud to have contributed to this historic day by organizing a bus trip from our base in the South Bronx to Cooperstown, NY and to the Latin Festival.

The Latino Sports family continues to grow as yet another trip to Cooperstown united fans from across the baseball world and beyond (Photo: Latino Sports)

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