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Yankee Fans Ready for Post Season

A packed Yankee crowd for a Monday night game. (Photo Latino Sports)

South Bronx, NY: Earlier in the day my wife and I walked to the mall near our home, also near Yankee stadium. It was early afternoon, but we saw a sight that is only seen in our hood when Yankee fans are hyped behind a winning team. We saw just two cars in the huge Yankee parking lot across from the mall. However, these two vehicles, parked side to side, one a pickup truck and the other a car had parked under a tree and were having a full party type cookout grill and all.

These type of loyal Yankee fans come out closer to the end of the season and always in greater quantity when there is a lot of excitement and energy for a team that is destined to go into the post season and many already thinking World Series.

Later in the afternoon as I walked to the stadium for the game, I was again seeing the signs of post season fever as both the pedestrian and vehicular traffic was a bit more than the usual for a cloudy, Monday evening game vs. the Seattle Mariners.

Another reason for Yankee fans to be excited is, Aaron Judge. The Yankee star player who rejected the Yankees initial contract offer and decided to wait the season out for other options.  This has caused a soap opera feeling in the Yankee universe. Will Judge stay with the Yankees, or will he leave after this season is over? No one knows; however, one thing is certain Judge did the right thing refusing the Yankees initial offer because Judge has given all the fans, his jury much proof of his worth. Judge is just the second Yankee and the fourth Major League player to hit 42 homeruns in his clubs first 103 games of the season. He did not disappoint the crowd this evening as he belted his 43rd homerun in his club’s way to their 70th victory by a score of 7-2. As he was rounding the bases, the majority crowd of 36,731 was chanting, “MVP, MVP.”

The Aaron Judge – Yankee novela based in the South Bronx, NY gets more exciting every day.




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