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Will the Puerto Rican point guard José Alvarado join the PR national team?

José Alvarado, Nuyorican who is proud of his Boricua roots wants to rep PR in international competition. (Yahoo Sports/Pelicans)

The general manager of the Puerto Rico men’s basketball team, Carlos Arroyo, is already moving his chips to improve the national team, according to José Alvarado, a Puerto Rican point guard in the NBA.

Alvarado revealed yesterday, last Friday, on New Orleans Pelicans guard CJ McCollum’s podcast, “Pull Up,” that Arroyo allegedly called him “a few days ago” to play in the island’s national uniform.

“He -Carlos Arroyo- called me a few days ago and told me: ‘we are going to try to include you in Puerto Rico,'” said the Pelicans point guard.

The topic of Puerto Rico came up in the interview after McCollum asked him: “Being Puerto Rican, did José Juan Barea have any influence on you?”

The Puerto Rican -who was not selected in the 2021 Rookie Draw- answered that both Barea and Arroyo meant a lot to him, because, despite the fact that he is from New York, the descendants of his entire family are Puerto Rican.

Likewise, he maintained that, when he was little, both Puerto Rican point guards were players he admired and he thought: “I want to be like them one day.”

However, those who were an inspiration to him in his childhood are now his colleagues. Alvarado confirmed that he speaks frequently on the phone with Barea, who advises him on “what to do to pursue his dream in the NBA.”

On March 27, various US media reported that the Puerto Rican reached an agreement with New Orleans for four years and $6.5 million.

Alvarado is averaging 6 points with 2.7 assists in the current NBA season.

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