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Representing The Bahamas, Miami Marlins: Jazz Chisholm

Photo Credit: Bill Menzel/Latino Sports

New York- At Latino Sports, we continue to learn about MLB players, who are a huge draw, on and off the field. Miami Marlins, Jazz Chisholm is next up. He has the potential to be the next star across MLB. Several gold chains shining down his neck are what baseball fans love embracing. That nonchalant swagger. His bright smile on the diamond has shaped him out to be one of baseball fans’ favorite players. 

The personality says it all. In this upcoming release of the video game, MLB The Show 2022. Chisholm has his swag, sketched out within the video game. After completing a home run with Chisholm, he manually crosses home plate and smoothly euro steps with the basketball-like motion. This feature adds hype to baseball and the video game itself. 

Chisholm signed as an international free agent with the Arizona Diamondbacks, back in 2015. From then until 2019, he developed his skills in their minor league system. Furthermore, Chisholm was dealt from the D-Backs to the Miami Marlins in July of 2019. 

Marlins Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Derek Jeter had a huge part in the decision making behind this move. The trade is now being looked back on as a key transaction for Miami’s perennial future. Chisholm is an exciting ballplayer for a young upcoming Marlins team, who look to be in contention throughout the National League East division. 

Chisholm was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas. His grandmother played shortstop for the Bahamian National Softball Team. She introduced him to baseball at an early age, the game Chisholm would end up loving for an eternity. In the 2017 World Baseball Classic Qualifiers, Chisholm represented and played on the Great Britain National Baseball team. 

At the beginning of the 2021 season, Chisholm made an appearance on The Ringer: R2C2 Podcast, hosted by Yankees World Series Champion, CC Sabathia, along with Ryan Ruocco. He expressed his thoughts on future generations watching him play: “I want them to take away anything they can, to better their game. The high energy, the love for the game. You know, you can’t just go out there and play this game. You got to go out there and love this game. I want them to take away everything that I feel in a game. I want them to see that I am playing this game with a passion.”

He added: “I am getting chirped by fans and I’m smiling back, because I’m having so much fun. I want to show them, it’s no problem to play this game. It’s not being a nerd. It’s a sport that everyone can have fun playing. We can be like a basketball team. We can be like a football team with the hype. That’s what I want to show them.”

Photo Credit: Bill Menzel/Latino Sports

In 124 games played, Chisholm finished the 2021 regular season with 115 hits and 53 RBIs. He plays stellar defense at shortstop and second base resulting in outstanding diving catches. While facing the Mets back in April, Chisholm smacked a home run off two-time Cy Young winner, Jacob DeGrom. He knocked out a 100 MPH, 0-2 fastball, into the “Coca-Cola Corner” right field section at Citi Field.

Baseball fans of any team have drawn interest in the Miami Marlins 24 year old. He is entertaining, on and off the playing diamond. Chisholm tends to always interact with fans during pregame warmups by chatting it up, taking selfies along with signing autographs. Any age group of fans would appreciate these sorts of interactions. It reflects well on the younger audience, since they gain a connection with an MLB player. 

Chisholm’s personality will continue to translate to his on-the field performance. His career is only up from here for the Bahamian. 

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