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Miguel “Iron Mike” Gonzalez talks dropping weight and business ventures

Special article written by: By Diego Perez

Miguel “Iron Mike” Gonzalez can add boss to his resume.

Gonzalez meets Edit Terry in this week’s main event for CG 2022 September 16: Gonzalez vs
Terry, live on Paramount + (You can download the Paramount + app in the App store)..
He boasts professional fighter at the top of his resume; but recently, he became co-owner of a
martial arts academy alongside his brother and founded a Mezcal company ahead of his long-
awaited return to MMA.

Fighting is in the Gonzalez family’s DNA as Miguel’s younger brother, Max “Steel” Gonzalez,
also competes in Combate Global and even won comeback of the year in 2021. Both brothers
have been sparring partners since day one, and recently all their careers’ work has culminated
in opening a martial arts academy, Flow Fight Club, out of Mexico City.

This team of brothers don’t just go to war together by cornering each other in fights, but also
want to see each other succeed financially. Both have even ventured into creating their own
Mezcal company, Libra por Libra.

“At times, it’s so hard watching your little brother compete. Sometimes I feel like I am way more
nervous than he is when he’s the one that’s stepping into La Jaula. It’s nice to see that we are
still supporting each other in a setting where one of us doesn’t leave with a broken nose or arm,”
he said.

It has been almost a year since fans last saw Gonzalez grace La Jaula, where he finished Chris
Boasso with a guillotine choke in the second round.

“I’ve been trying to hone my striking. I think my ground game is already solid, so I’ve been trying
to better my punches and kicks,” he added. “Since [my brother and I] own an academy now, we
make our own hours, so more time to put in work.”

Miguel “Iron Mike” Gonzalez faces his toughest challenge yet in that of Combate Global of the
return of Edir “Belico” Terry. The Venezuelan/Peruvian will welcome Gonzalez in his
bantamweight debut, as he will be dropping down 10 pounds from featherweight for the first

“He’s a great rival with a little more experience than me. He has good kicks, but he hasn’t faced
anyone with the same level of ground game as me and or anyone near my strength. I’m going
down a weight class, so I feel good about this fight,” he said.


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