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How Pujols can help the Dodgers – Cómo Pujols puede ayudar los Dodgers

“That Rob Manfred does not understand baseball is as if Pope Francis ignored The...

Four after Albert Pujols – Cuatro tras de Albert Pujols

“If you do not know the history of what concerns you, if you do...

I never saw a corpse with the safe behind – Nunca ví un cadáver con la caja fuerte atrás

“When the doctor asked me, ‘Do you drink liquor?’, I replied, ‘Only sometimes, doctor....

Bobby Bonilla collects millions until 2036 – Bobby Bonilla cobra millones hasta 2036     

“Good pitchers, they throw well until they are bad” … Joe Maddon.- -o-o-o- Coral...

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